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The District Court of Amsterdam ruled on November 11, 2019 that Facebook cease fake bitcoin ads using the name and image of John de Mol, a leading European media entrepreneur. Judge R.A. Dudok van Heel said Facebook must take responsibility for its platforms and measures to prevent these fake ads appearing regardless of cost or effort. Facebook cannot invoke the safe harbour provision of the EU E-Commerce Directive for its advertising platform. Allowing the bitcoin ads and not removing them is unlawful towards the victims of these ads and John de Mol. Further, the judge ruled that Facebook must furnish the identifying data of the providers of the ads.

Litigation on whether certain parts of a novel are unlawful towards the family of a well-known Dutch singer (Peter Koelewijn).
District Court Amsterdam 15 November 2013, ECLI:NL:RBAMS:2013:7557 (Koelewijn/De Bezige Bij)
Litigation on whether the design of an enormous illuminated flowerpot is protected by copyright and/or design right and whether a similar illuminated pot is infringing these rights.
 Litigation on tv- format rights, the resemblance between formats and the position of parties after negotiations about buying a format.
Litgation on the issue as to whether part of the Dutch novel "De Helleveeg" is unlawful towards the (family of) Dutch performer Peter Koelewijn.