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Visser, Schaap & Kreijger

The firm's partners have years of experience in legal practice. They have worked in major law firms and a leading Dutch niche law firm. The firm's clients include producers, national and international broadcasters, publishers, designers, retail corporations, trade mark owners, advertisers and non-profit organizations at home and abroad.

The firm's lawyers advise, mediate and litigate at all levels, from preliminary relief proceedings through to the European Court of Justice. They deal exclusively with the areas in which they specialize. They also advise other lawyers and give second opinions and legal opinions. In addition, they draft contracts in areas such as copyright law, trade mark law, image rights law, databases, advertising, media, agency and distribution.

Visser Schaap & Kreijger was founded in 2015 and is has its registered office in Amsterdam.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (‘IP’) is the collective term for a number of different rights with intangible subject matter, such as trade mark law, trade name law, design law, (design protection), copyright law, neighbouring  rights, database law and patent law.

Media (M)

The law relating to media has a wide variety of subdivisions such as (public) media law, defamation, (press law), image rights law, advertising law, sponsorship, product placement, film law, electronic communication, public access to government information and privacy.

Competition (C)

Competition law comprises distribution/agency, (public) competition law, market and government, procurement, law on unfair trading practices, protection of knowhow, slavish imitation, product regulation, consumer law, e-commerce, telecommunications law and sector specific regulation.